I got bored and noticed this wasn’t a thing so I made these—

48G logos and their respective colours as iPhone 5 wallpapers! Yes, I actually went and made everything— even the text. NMB’s took longer because leopard print— SDN’s gradient background is more than just gray and white but I think it came out pretty well. I even made Majisuka Gakuen ones uwu~

Although they’re for iPhone 5s, you might be able to use them for phone or device you have. Just need a little more resizing on your part—

Feel free to save and use them~

I actually want to make more of these so I’ll be taking requests.

if you want something else or if you want me to change the colours on any of these. If you tell me what phone or device you’re using, I’ll make them according to their screen resolution/size.

New art tomorrow

My Sumire Satoimage

portrait is done and will be posted tomorrow

I will start working on my first requested member portrait Yuka Nakanishiimage

After that I’m taking a break from The 48 and doing a few Kpop idols. I’m deciding who to draw first CLimage

or G-Dragonimage

I wonder if Gwen Stacy will die in this one or the next movie

That’s right Gwen Stacy is going to die. And she dies because Spider-Man fails to save her. It is what of the most important moments in Spider-Man’s development as a character. And it is one of the most iconic moments in comic history so it’s not a spoiler. If you didn’t know that Gwen Stacy dies, you don’t really deserve to call yourself a fan of Spider-Man. I can’t stand when people calls themselves fans and don’t know anything about what they claim to be fans of.

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Sato Sumire in Love Jump

Hmm makes me wonder if I should draw her with ribbons in her hair

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Had a fun discussion with 2 friends today. 2 of us are PS4 owners, 1 is an Xbox One owner
Me(I own a PS4):(confronting my Xbox owner friend) Dude do yall really call yourselves Xboners?
Friend 1(Also owns a PS4):That is the dumbest thing yall could call yourselves! It sounds like yall used to like fucking but now you just play shitty xbox games.
Friend 2(The Xboner):So what do PS4 owners call themselves?
Friend 1:Gamers!


AKB48 First Concert “Aitakatta ~Hashira wa Naize!~”

Some high school twit at the table next to me thought Mount Fuji was in China. I literally wanted to smack the sandwich she was eating out of her hands.

Someone that stupid does not deserve to survive or at the very least deserve to enjoy a delicious sandwich